Jan/Feb 2010          
Keep Your Eye On – Nathan ‘Nate’ Johnstone

Mar/Apr 2010        
Antonia Kidman

Sept/Oct 2011          
The Diverse & Versatile John Waters

Nov/Dec 2011          
Ocean Warriors

Mar/Apr 2012        
Lauren Mitchell

May/Jun 2012
Shane Perkins: Putting Pedal to the Metal

Sept/Oct 2012        
Darren Percival Finds His Voice
Adam Ashley-Cooper
Runaway and Join the Circus

Nov/Dec 2012
Fast Female on Four Wheels
Michael Klim: Life Beyond the Pool
Tom Carroll : Summer Legend
Erika Heynatz Turns Legally Blonde
Matt Shirvington: From Spikes to Sports Reporter

Jan/Feb 2013
Kyah Simon: Creating Female Football Fever

May/Jun 2013
Be Inspired by Amy Pejkovic
Be Inspired by Ethan Nyohlm and Adina Jacobs
Be Inspired by Greg & Matt Donovan
Be Inspired by Jack Delosa
Be Inspired by Shona Stephenson
Be Inspired by The Road to Revolution

Jul/Aug 2013
Between the Gym Floor and the Big Screen

Nov/Dec 2013
My Trainer & I

Jan/Feb 2014
Samantha Barlow – Back From Hell

May/Jun 2014
Josie Mclean – Excelling is a Way of Life

Mar/Apr 2015
Diva of the Rings

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