OH! Magazine (Optimum Health digital magazine)

Issue 3, Oct 2013
Meet an Expert

Issue 9, Apr 2014
Kate Ceberano-In Her Own Words

Issue 11, Jun 2014
Sharon Basset

Issue 12, Jul 2014
Firass Dirani Life as a House Husband

Issue 13, Aug 2014
Steph Prem – From Injury to Victory

Issue 15, Oct 2014
Disconnect to Reconnect

Issue 17, Dec 2014
Michael Franti – Creating Global Soulshine

Issue 18, Jan 2015 
Annie ‘Can Too’ Crawford

Issue 19, Feb 2015
What a Guy!

Issue 20, Mar 2015 
Taryn Brumfitt – From Body Loather to Body Lover

Issue 21, Apr 2015
Absinthe Athleticism for Adults

Issue 23, June 2015
The Future is Bright for Torah

Issue 25, August 2015
Getting The World Off The Couch One Sport At A Time

Issue 26, September 2015
Andi Lew – The Wellness Woman

Issue 38, October 2016

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